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Neighbourhood Shopping Day

On August 17, 2019, the International Village BIA will be saying thank you to our wonderful neighbours with a special shopping day. Residents living in Beasley, Stinson, Corktown, and Landsdale (James St. N/S to Wentworth St. N/S. from the Escarpment to the CN Rail Tracks) will be eligible for special one-day promotions from our excellent businesses and a shopping tour of the area!

To be eligible, residents must register ahead of the event to receive an electronic #TheVillage Card. While shopping in the International Village BIA, residents will show the card on their phone or a printout to access each store's special promotion on that day. Check back later for more information on which businesses are participating in this event!

To register for your #TheVillage Card CLICK HERE

Further, on the day of the event, the BIA will be hosting a tour of The Village at 11:00 AM. The tour will be limited to 25 people. Come walk through the BIA with Executive Director Susie Braithwaite and learn about the hidden gems and wonderments of International Village BIA.

To register for a Shopping Tour of the area CLICK HERE CLICK HERE

Rules: To be eligible for promotions at participating businesses you MUST be residents of Beasley, Corktown, Stinson, and Landsdale and reside within the boundaries of James St. N/S to Wentworth St. N/S. from the escarpment to the CN Rail tracks. The address provided will only be used for verification purposes. Each person registered, once verified, will receive a #TheVillage Card by email. The card MUST be shown at the time of purchase to obtain a promotion from participating businesses on the day of the event. #TheVillage Card will be limited to the person registered. #TheVillage Card expires at midnight on August 17th, 2019 at 11:59 pm. The International Village BIA reserves the right to refuse entries. Discounts are the responsibility of participating businesses. The International Village BIA will not be held liable for any promotions or discounts.

Movie Night in the Village

The International Village BIA and Girl on the Wing present the 4th annual Movie Night in The Village at Ferguson Station! This year we will be screening the 1986 classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off directed by John Hughes! Fun and games begin at 8pm, with the film starting at 9pm! For more information about Movie Night in the Village head over to our Facebook Event by clicking here.

Businesses are encouraged to stay open for the event and get creative with window displays, and individual promotions. When a customer purchases something that evening from one of the businesses in the International Village BIA, they can show their receipt to receive a FREE popcorn at the event. This event with be an excellent opportunity to work creatively to showcase your business to new customers!

OBIAA The Business of Accessibility Handbook

To help businesses become more accessible and inclusive to all customers, OBIAA has created a no-cost handbook filled with a variety of creative, low-cost suggestions, to inspire companies to go beyond the minimum requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA). To view The Business Accessibility Handbook, click here.

Hamilton LRT Update

The Hamilton LRT project is currently in procurement. As part of the Request for Proposals (RFP) process, three pre-qualified teams are now preparing proposals that detail how they will deliver the project. Bid submissions are expected in spring 2020, and a preferred proponent will be selected with contract award occurring later that year. The sequencing and timing of construction will be determined by the proponents through the RFP process.

Keep up to date on the latest Light Rail Transit updates by reading the project update report that went to City Council on May 15, 2019. You can access the report by clicking here below (LRT update report starts on page 22).

Have additional questions regarding the Light Rail Transit project? Members of the International Village BIA can reach out to Metrolinx and the City of Hamilton by sending an email to:

Hamilton Butt Blitz

An estimated 65% of all cigarettes are tossed on the ground instead of placed in an ashtray or waste receptacle. On Saturday, April 27th, the International Village took part in the Hamilton Butt Blitz aiming to pick up as may discarded cigarette butts as possible. In two hours, volunteers across Hamilton picked up 37,000 cigarette butts. Watch the CHCH report on the Butt Blitz by clicking here!

This cleanup is increasingly important as cigarette filters contain a type of plastic called cellulose acetate, which can take up to 18 months to 12 years to break down. Cigarettes also contain toxic chemicals, such as arsenic and formaldehyde, which can leach into the environment contaminating water and poison fish and animals.

To learn more about how to prevent cigarette litter click here!.

OBIAA Accessible Main Street Webinars

OBIAA has partnered with the Province of Ontario to help BIA’s and their members understand and comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). In the new 4-part webinar series, members can learn about how Ontario businesses are championing accessibility, including being more age-friendly. You can watch all four parts of the webinar series, The Roles of BIA’s in Main Street Accessibility, Accessible Customer Service, The Business of Aging, and Accessible Heritage, by clicking here..

Digital Main Street: Transformation Grants

The world is changing. Digital technologies impact our daily lives. Consumers have embraced digital media as a means to interact with and find information about businesses within the community. Without an online presence, businesses risk being overlooked. As we embark on a New Year it's important to set specific and actionable goals to increase consumer participation and awareness online. These goals can include creating a website, online store, or Instagram page. In an effort to encourage digital innovation, the Province of Ontario partnered with the Ontario BIA association to create Digital Main Street (Digital Main Street Link: Through this program, small businesses can access resources designed to act as a ‘how-to-guide’ for digital technologies. In conjunction with resources and workshop, Digital Main Street offers grants of up to $2500 to small businesses working to adapt their marketing strategy to include a digital component. Eligible costs include websites, hardware/software, digital training, and more! Enrollment has begun for the Digital Main Street - Digital Transformation Grant. Make a resolution to increase your digital presence this year. Grants are limited, for more information or to apply click here! (Click Here Link:

Important Information to BIA Members

Please read the attached Pdf file foor important information from Hamilton Police Services to BIA members.

A message from the Chair, Herb Wodehouse:

With the upcoming LRT project plans well underway, it is important for each and every one of our members to understand the role of the International Village BIA board of management and how we can help you through the LRT process. We want to make it clear that the BIA is neither for or against LRT. We have members who are strongly in support of LRT, and members who strongly disagree with elements of this LRT project. The role of the BIA is to be the connector and communicator of information to and from our membership, the City of Hamilton and Metrolinx throughout the LRT project. We are not involved in the political decision making of this project. The board is made up of a group of volunteers from various businesses and properties around the village and we have a great cross-section of opinions and views.

Our executive director Susie Braithwaite sits on several committees which deal with LRT and related issues and is able to bring our board valuable information from those meetings. She is also able to tackle issues that face our BIA in a timely manner by having a seat on these committees. Again, Susie has been very clear that she is neither for or against the LRT project but is here to represent our BIA members as we go through this process.

The next several years of LRT consultation and then construction are going to be especially tough for our businesses and property owners. As a board, we are working very closely with the City of Hamilton and Metrolinx LRT staff to keep current on all information about this project and to make sure that nothing is ‘slipping through the cracks’. We will continue to host public meetings at least twice a year and more leading up to construction. We encourage you to take the time to attend these meetings as they are extremely helpful in educating us about the LRT project and are also a way to have your voices heard – whether for or against.

Your views, concerns, comments and suggestions are always welcome. You can reach out to Susie, myself or to any of our board members. We want our members to feel that you do have a voice and that you are being properly represented. LRT is proving to be a very complex project. As I write this message, we are told that the LRT project is moving ahead, which is why we wish to emphasize the need for you to follow all developments very closely, to voice any concerns you may have, and to adjust your business practices, plans and policies wherever necessary to put the best interest of your business at the forefront. As a business or property owner, this places a very significant undertaking and responsibility on you. On behalf of the International Village BIA board of management , I want you to know that we are here to help you channel whatever representation you feel is needed, to the appropriate decision-makers, and to do all that is within our powers to help you through this project.

Herb Wodehouse, International Village BIA Chair

2017 BIA Awards of Excellence

The winners of the 2017 BIA Awards were: Urban Map for the Façade Award and Studio 205 for the Sparkle Award. Congratulations to both valued BIA members.

Studio 205 receiving award image
Studio 205
Urban Map receiving award image
Urban Map

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